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Luwafeer spa complex

Welcome to the Luwafeer

Air, water, fire and earth: The four elements are at the very centre of our being. Just as a word consists of letters, everything in the material world is made up of air, water, fire and earth. Combining the four elements encourages you to switch off and regain your inner harmony. Listen to the beat of your heart; re-establish your peace of mind – and body! Breathe deeply and be conscious of your own well-being; it’s as simple as that!


Listen to the beat of your heart and live by its rhythm


Take a deep breath – vital energy can be found everywhere, not just in the "Luwafeer".


Water has a purifying effect. It splashes and trickles, bubbles and steams, gurgles and freezes; it’s always in motion.


When we gaze into the flames we quickly find tranquility; our thoughts are clarified and inner peace and harmony resurface. It helps us access renewed source of energy and attain peak performance.


Earth gives us solidity and structure, tolerance and stability, peace and relaxation. The more we are connected to the natural world, the more we can relax and enjoy a sense of total well-being.

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