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Hotel Damülser Hof

Set against a backdrop of incomparable beauty, Damüls, "the snowiest village in the world", is a fairytale place in winter. The dazzlingly white snow glistens like stardust, and the views are to die for.

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Seewald lake

Seewald lake

A walk to the Seewald lake is enjoyable whatever the season, however the weather.


Faschina alpine flora educational walking trail

Let the sight of an alpine meadow work its magic on you; take a deep breath and inhale the scent of wild herbs; spend a couple of invigorating hours absorbing the spirit of the mountains.

Drei-Linden Riding Centre, Sonntag

Drei-Linden Riding Centre, Sonntag

Pony-trekking in the lovely scenery of the Gross Walsertal Biosphere Nature Reserve!

Lake cruises on Lake Constance

Lake cruises on Lake Constance

Travel by boat from Bregenz to Lindau, Konstanz or Meersburg, to name but a few possibilities.

Damülser Mittagspitze

Damülser Mittagsspitze

The summit of the Mittagsspitze, the „village mountain“ of Damüls, is easily accessible, and rates as one of Vorarlberg’s loveliest viewpoints.

Sonntag folklore museum

Sonntag folklore museum

Come and see how our ancestors lived!

Felder museum in Schoppernau

Franz Michael Felder museum

The Franz Michael Felder museum is dedicated to Vorarlberg’s best-known writer and poet of the 19th century.

Folklore museum and Angelika Kauffmann museum Schwarzenberg

Angelika Kauffmann museum

In the foyer of the museum past and present come face to face, enabling visitors to experience a time difference of over 450 years.

„Juppen“ workshop, Riefensberg

„Juppen“ workshop, Riefensberg

The history of the typical Bregenzerwald ladies’ regional costume has its beginnings back in the 15th century.

Schubertiade in the Angelika Kauffmann hall, Schwarzenberg


A festival for Franz Schubert. The first Schubertiade, in 1976, was held in a bid to restore the composer to his well-earned place alongside Mozart and Beethoven.

Bregenzerwald speciality cheeses

Bregenzerwald cheese centre

Numerous mountain dairies and farming families supply the Bregenzerwald cheese centre with a wide selection of fresh local farm produce.

"Wälderbähnle" - the little Bregenzerwald railway

Little „Wälderbähnle” railway

This is a narrow-gauge train ride with a difference.

These old steam and diesel engines are living proof that technology and beauty are not mutually exclusive.

Cheese production

Oberdamüls Alpe mountain dairy

Visit the alpine dairy and learn how fresh alm cheese is turned out of the vat.


Inatura Dornbirn

Experience Dornbirn’s natural history museum in a series of state-of-the-art multi-media presentations.

Forest rope park

Damüls forest rope park

The forest rope park offers visitors a chance to see the forest from a completely new perspective. Spend some fascinating hours enjoying magical views and overcoming unexpected challenges.

Faschina summer tubing run

Summer tubing run

Get a kick out of Vorarlberg’s biggest summer tubing run!

Schröcken adventure park

Schröcken adventure park

Our adventure course can be tackled by anyone with a bit of dexterity, nerve and self-confidence.

Fitness course

Fitness course

Our fitness course blends perfectly into the woodland setting of the Damülser forest rope park.