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What is the meaning of wellness?

Be more aware of your lifestyle and actions

Take time to think about your actions: each minute of the day; everything you do and think and say.
Very often we tend to do what we want to do, and not what is best.

Wellness means

Living life to the full

A boost for all the senses
See, smell, feel, taste, hear… Let your senses take inspiration from the changing seasons: make them consciously aware of the warmth, the water, the air. Restore your inner harmony and come alive. Awareness is the key to attaining a positive relationship with both the natural world and the people you encounter in daily life.

Enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, take a mental break and give yourself a chance to relax and recharge your batteries. Take a deep breath, fill your mind with pleasant thoughts and regain your inner harmony. Reflect on your actions, and on the thoughts that are going through your mind.

Quality time
Relax in your own space, switch off, forget, forgive. Simply take pleasure in your own existence. Regain a sense of caring and inner calm. Slow down: combat the modern instinct to make everything faster, better, bigger. Try to return to a normal rhythm and to retain it in your everyday life.

Switch off and recharge your batteries
Escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life; take it easy, give yourself a break, make a point of enjoying quality time on a regular basis. Work through periods of tiredness and face everyday life with renewed energy and vigour. Be yourself, with your mind, body and soul all working together in harmony.


Eine Woge der Entspannung und eine besondere Wohltat für Körper und Geist in unserem Hallenbad im Hotel.

Panorama- & Hallenbad

Reich der Sinne

Im Reich der Sinne entdecken Sie bei Beauty und Massagen eine neue, einzigartige Quelle der Entspannung.

Beauty und Massagen im Reich im der Sinne

Zu den Wellnessangeboten

Wellnessbereich Luwafeer

Die 4 Elemente Luft, Wasser, Feuer und Erde sorgen dafür, dass Sie wieder tief durchatmen können und inneres Wohlbefinden zum Beispiel in der Sauna spüren.

Sauna mit Panorama-Ausblick im Wellnessbereich

Wellnessbereich mit Sauna und mehr

Genießen Sie die weiße Bergwelt, die Natur und die einmalige Bergkulisse im Wellness Hotel Damülser Hof im Skigebiet Damüls.

Zu den Wellnessangeboten   Zimmer direkt online buchen

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