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LUWAFEER Cosmetics

In harmony with nature

Unless your body is healthy and attractive, how can you expect your soul to live in it happily? Our Damülser Hof LUWAFEER cosmetics are in perfect harmony with nature. Smell them, touch them, feel them – they will appeal to all the senses!

Situated in the heart of the mountains and surrounded by lofty peaks, Bürs in Vorarlberg is where the Kräuter Müller company gathers the alpine herbs used in its home-made products. Picked, handled and stored with care, they are gently dried to form the basis of our LUWAFEER cosmetics.

What you see is what you get! Using hands-on techniques and traditional methods, we offer   long-lasting and natural products which reflect in their name the four elements, air, water, fire and earth: in German LUft, WAsser, FEuer, ERde!

LUWAFEER Body & Hair shower gel or soap, a fine body lotion or conditioner – do yourself a favour and give your body a treat!

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